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All type genres. Unsigned Indies Bands/Artists are welcomed.

ONE MUSIC SUBMISSION can get your music aired on many of the shows on BTD Radio! How’s that for a one stop shop! We understand it takes time submit your music to radio stations. That’s why we came up with one form submits to all show on our site. Now you do have to make sure your music falls within the category when submitting, of course!

OUR MOTTO: We ARE changing the world of music one Indies song at a time!

YOU can be a part of  it by submitting your music to through our form. We are a very active radio station and have been for over airing seven years now. We are proud and honored of our huge following. Once you become a part of our show you become part of the BTD Radio family.

Just think, one music submission form can get your music into such show as; Artist Power Hour, BTD Show, New Music Monday, Erosion Factory, PR Power Hour, A Walk on the Dark Side, Cox Music Show and more!

Check out our radio schedule for all the latest show times and dates!


NOTE: If your music is chosen for one of our SHOW FEATURES you will be contacted with you with an air date that way you can share the fabulous information with your fans.

If your music is being aired in the in between show will not be contacting you. It’s near impossible to contact every artist on a 24/7 basis but we encourage you to listen to our station and request a song (even yours) at the top of the page.



We normally communicate your airplay dates through Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account please specify in the form below. Keep your Twitter account and email account current with us so you don’t miss anything.



They are simple but in order for you to get airplay your MP3 file structure has to be as follow: Artist Name, then song title. Also make sure you tag your Mp3s. What does this mean? Check out  MP3Tag found here: (it’s free)

Before you upload your music, bio and band picture please read our rules and guidelines on this page: RULES AND GUIDELINES


Two simple ways to upload your music to us, you pick.

Using our  Dropbox Upload form






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